“I am 66 years old. One day my son in law said to me “I don’t know what you are doing but you look so good” Two years ago I started sleeping on the Anti-Aging Pillowcase. That has been the only change I have made in my skin care regimen. I can honestly say I have not aged at all in the past two years and my skin actually looks better. Thanks”
-Charlene, Ada, Michigan

“I wish I had known about your pillowcase years earlier as they seem to be made for my skin. My skin is noticeably better than it has been for years. It has given me so much more confidence with people since I no longer feel like they are staring at my bad skin! Thanks so much, it has really changed my life.
-Allison, Hastings Ranch, California

“I LOVE my pillowcase!!!!! It has made my skin look younger, feel softer and has made my complexion so much better. I noticed a difference and was thrilled when friends started asking me what skincare I was using on my face. One friend even looked at me and said “you are GLOWING!” “I sleep so well on my anti-aging pillowcase and love how it feels on my skin.
-Christine, Breckenridge, Colorado

“Not only do I see improvements in fine lines, but I believe the wrinkles on my eyes and cheeks have begun to fade.”
-Jennifer C, Hermosa Beach, California

“By far the best pillowcase I have ever used! I no longer wake up with a rats nest for hair and creases on my face. My skin and hair feel soft and smooth. Plus I get a wonderful nights sleep on the cool and comfy silk. All the women in my family got Meili & Grace silk pillowcases for Christmas gifts this year. Just like me, they are obsessed! A definite must have product and amazing gift. I can not say enough great things about these heavenly sleep miracles!!!!!!”
-Jennifer S., Newport Beach, California

I didn’t believe that a pillowcase could actually slow down the aging process, but as a young a woman I was willing to try anything. I have one word to describe the Anti-Aging Pillowcase, AMAZING! I honestly have less wrinkles and wake up looking like I did when I went to bed. I highly recommend these to everyone!
-Cassie, West Hollywood, California

As a frequent traveler with a busy schedule, I have learned to pack lightly. The one thing I never leave behind is my Anti-Aging Pillowcase. After a long day it soothes my skin and I wake up looking refreshed in spite of jet lag and sleep deprivation.
-Chanda, Santa Monica, California

My skin has always been sensitive. I found that if I rub the pillowcase on my neck after I shave, I no longer have any razor burn or chaffing.
-William, Calabasas, California

Your pillowcase has transformed my skin and the way I sleep. I’m in love!!!!
-Debbie, Dublin, Ohio

“After my facial surgery, I was recommended the pillowcase for my post-operative recovery . It helped ease the pain when I slept and I healed much faster.”
-Michael, Sierra Madre, California

“If I wake up an hour before I’m supposed to, I always say to myself “This is great, I have an hour more on this baby (the pillowcase)”
-Meg, Portland, Oregon

“I will never sleep on another pillowcase again!”
-Tina, New York, New York

“It makes me not want to get out of bed.”
-Mike, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

“The feeling of the pillowcase reminds me of when I was a little girl and I rubbed the satin part of my blanket on my face. It comforts me every night.”
-Sandra,Valencia, California

“My husband had terrible acne and I heard a silk pillowcase may help. I purchased your pillowcase and after 6 months, his skin is clear. I’m so thankful. He seems like a different person now.
-Mrs. Contreras, Scottsdale, Arizona

“It’s like a therapeutic treatment to your face every night.”
-Dr. Jenna Lemon, Pasadena, California